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avril 2015

The Religion-Gospel Dichotomy

I’ve often resisted writing about this, because what can be written about Karl Barth’s religion-Gospel dichotomy other than the obvious? Namely, that like all dichotomies based on semantics, it is inherently vacuous? Namely, that while it’s already ridiculous to, in any but the most cursory way, lump together arguably the most profound, the most complex, the most variegated, […]


Quelques mots sur l’affaire Laurent Stefanini

Ce court billet est un développement de mes tweets sur l’affaire laurent Stefanini et s’adresse surtout à mes coreligionnaires. La plupart d’entre eux ne semble voir dans cette affaire qu’une agitation médiatique de plus. Or, je pense qu’elle est plus sérieuse … Lire la suite


How To Rebuild Your Life In One Simple Step

Dogmatic theology is a funny thing. I assume most people who even know what the phrase refers to think of it as, if not just boring, then certainly theoretical, abstract, and removed from the concerns of daily life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take the venerable Patristic and Scholastic doctrine that God is not ens […]

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